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Our Success Story with CentralBikes

CentralBikes, a renowned company specialising in bicycles and accessories, faced a challenge related to low engagement on social media and limited sales. When they approached our company, Satori IT, we were ready to help them turn this situation around.

Initial Challenges

We work with our clients to find the best solution which suites their needs.
Social media engagement was minimal, limiting their ability to communicate with customers.
The number of followers and reactions to posts was low, impacting the company's visibility on social media.

Our Action Plan

Our team began working on a personalised strategy to transform these challenges into social media success:

Skills Sets

Omnichannel is able to provide consistent buying experiences across all the channels
We created effective social media campaigns, promoting not only products but also the passion and lifestyle associated with bicycles.
Our creative team delivered content that sparked engagement and built customer loyalty.
We regularly tracked results, analysed trends, and provided reports for CentralBikes to adjust their social media strategy.
We do web design, web development, automation and maintenance services.
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Final Results

Results That Still Amaze

Collaborating with CentralBikes, we achieved incredible results on social media:

Results That Still Amaze

Social media engagement increased by almost 8000%, creating an active community of bicycle enthusiasts.
The number of followers and reactions to posts significantly increased, boosting CentralBikes' visibility on social media.
Thanks to our work, we multiplied visits to the company's online store, resulting in a 650% increase in customers, expanding their reach and, consequently, sales.
Satori IT is driven by the pursuit of knowledge, best practices and finding new solutions for old problems.

What the client said…

Working with Satori IT has been a great experience. We started with an idea, and they listened closely to what we needed and made it a reality. They delivered on time and on budget.
Dan RoseCEO of Company

Central Bikes Stats

  • 76%
    Post views in the UK grew
  • 7733%
    Profile post views increased
  • 650%
    eStore website visits grew

What do you think?

CentralBikes has achieved tangible success on social media, with our assistance in building a robust online presence and driving sales growth.

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