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Central eBikes eCommerce headless WordPress SAAS solution

Delivering the customer's real needs

The Central eBikes brand was born from a need for electric commuter alternatives to motorcycles in central London. The client found that many other software companies tried to change the business to fit their technology rather than changing the technology to custom-fit his business.

The brief was to keep cost down, have a familiar CMS for content editors who used the old WP solution and ensure the new eCommerce website looks great, and is fast and secure.


We work with our clients to find the best solution which suites their needs.
Our UX and UI design was created delight customers and ensure that every user path is thought threw, providing a beautiful journey whilst building trust to ensure conversion.
We use our business-friendly eCommerce solutions which automated flows, integrated eCommerce frameworks and allows for headless CMS architecture to future proof the software solution.
Business process automation frees up your employees’ time and reduces errors which in turn reduces expenses.
A service level agreement (SLA) is to provide the information necessary to understand and use and the maintenance required for software as a services. Our monthly maintenance insurers we provide an uninterrupted service.
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We do web design, web development, automation and maintenance services.

Implementation of the new CMS System

We achieved a familiar CMS by utilising a open source WordPress content management system as a data repository. Then, having pre-built modules in our data library, we adapted the code to meet their brief, allowing us to build a minimal viable product and release it to the market more quickly than other companies could offer.

Our approach's added benefit is that the entire front end is prebuilt into highly optimised static pages that assist during a build process, increasing page loading speed and making the site more secure.

Technologies used

Our solution allows developers and content editors to work simultaneously with any conflicts.
Our supercharged headless CMS boasts boosted performance thanks to fast front-end technologies, bespoke integrations such as eCommerce and a fully customisable yet familiar WordPress backend which was a must in the brief.
As a payment processing gateway, Stripe allows the eCommerce website to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, China UnionPay and debit cards.
Choosing to use Google Reviews allows customers to rate their purchase experience. The rating give the site legitimacy and can help other shoppers make an informed decision to purchase.
Managing all appointments with a flexible calendar displays and layouts. We allow the handling all the customer information and their booking history more easily than ever.
Secure online payment, flexible search bar and elastic search bar
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Final Results

Triple page conversion

The offering has the familiar look and feel to your eCommerce backend with advanced custom field features and a brand new, fully optimised, bespoke front-end. Central eBikes was built with an enterprise-grade infrastructure to scale and a fully integrated finance solution paired with a provider of the client choosing.


Omnichannel is able to provide consistent buying experiences across all the channels
Hybrid WordPress CMS revolutionises web development by separating the front-end and back-end, empowering our developers to build highly flexible and customised websites solution. Also known as headless WordPress, has allowed us to achieve faster load times, improved performance, and seamless integrations with third-party services, leading to a more dynamic and interactive web presence.
Is one of the latest front-end technology for creating websites, and is used by tech giants like Facebook. Its best know for the speed and security it provided to a website.
Is the bridge used to integrate WordPress CMS with our proprietary front-end framework with the ability to provide a single endpoint to access all your resources.
Underpinning all of it, is React.js which is a JavaScript library which is the building blocks to create the website.
Is a platform to host our websites in small online servers, which greatly improves site performance.
Great performance, accessibility focused, best practices and optimised SEO
Satori IT is driven by the pursuit of knowledge, best practices and finding new solutions for old problems.

What the client said…

Working with Satori IT has been a great experience. We started with an idea, and they listened closely to what we needed and made it a reality. They delivered on time and on budget.
Dan RoseCEO of Company

Numbers in the project

  • 90
    Hours of development
  • 3x
    Times more conversion
  • 22
    User behaviour paths

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